About Me

March 28, 2013


Another food blog?? Really?

If you told me when I was younger and living at home or even first living on my own that I’d one day love cooking and baking so much that I’d devote a blog to it, I would NEVER believe it! I thought I hated cooking, and I dreaded having to do it for my husband when I got married, or for guests. I always liked baking more, but by baking I mean combining a boxed cake mix with eggs & oil, or slicing a cold log of prepared cookie dough and plopping it on a sheet to bake. And usually OVER-bake at that.

But over the past few years of being married I started to venture into more varied dishes, trying to make recipes more healthy, and doing from-scratch baking, and really LOVING IT!!! I’ve even gotten into bread making after being inspired by my dad and all his bread baking since he retired. The satisfaction you get from making something homemade, something you thought was too hard but actually turns out to be not that hard at all, something that your husband, family, or friends rave over… feels great!! And learning tips and tricks, and experimenting to develop new recipes is really interesting. I’m having a lot of fun and it’s become a part-time hobby.

Pinterest and reading food blog after food blog has just given me more motivation to try new things all the time. There is definitely no lack of food blogs or places to find recipes on the web, so for a while I resisted the urge to start a blog, thinking why would anyone want to read about my kitchen adventures? But every time I talk about something I’m making or I post a picture on facebook or instagram of things I made, people request recipes… I decided what better way then to direct them to read my food blog? So, here goes!!



Email me at:  nicciherbert@gmail.com

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